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"We bought a (lightly) used skid steer from Can-American. They have a good selection, are very knowledgeable, honest and have excellent customer service. We live about 3 hours away from Kelliher and the owner met us to sign up the paperwork and get the skid steer loaded on a Friday night after 8 p.m. to accommodate our schedule. Highly recommended."
- Robert Nicolay
"Video doesn't do it justice, but it was a pretty steep slope. Probably 45 degrees. The landscape company who did the dirt work brought in a dozer to shape this hill, because there t590 couldn't climb even the less steep sides. I told them they shoulda hired us!"
- MD
The new Terex PT80 I purchased from you the best tracked skid steer I have ever owned it has helped me have NO downtime on any job as it will do and go where no other track skid steer can. Thank you so much Can-American is excellent to deal with. Thanks again!!!"
- Brodie Vatamaniuck (B.V. Builders)
"Purchased a new mustang 2056 skid steer from you guys as well as a used skid steer and a trailer, lovin all the equipment we got from you. You guys are Straight shooting, honest, and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks again."
- Dean
"The Terex PT 60 is working AWESOME…loving it so far! We had it working in 2' of bog type mud clearing brush piles and it handled it with ease. A very good combination of power, balance and traction. I was truly contemplating going with a JD track machine but this machine is far superior and will help our business immensely this summer and beyond. Thanks again for all your help!!"
- Monte Dobson
"Loving our new team of the Terex PT30 and PT80. Both amazing pushers. Awesome machines, and glad we ended up with the two of them. We have already had close to a dozen neighbors sneak over to test drive the PT80 and they can't find a steep enough hill to climb in our yard...they are all amazed. Stay well...and thanks again!"
- Dustin Coupal


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